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Anyone Wanna Take Over

Hey guys. Your friendly neighborhood group creator here.

Well, not really neighborhood anymore. I moved to Jacksonville becuase there really were no jobs in my field in Orlando.

So I figured it would be only appropriate to offer moderatorship of the community to someone who is in the city.

Hope everyone's doing good. How's the weather there? I do miss the city and will probably be visiting everyonce in a while.
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Hi! My name is Laura, I'm 29, and a grad student at UCF. I mostly crochet, but do a little knitting too. So I'm glad to see that there is a community like this. Last year I tried to organize a club at UCF, Knitting Knights, but there wasn't enough interest, so it never got off the ground.

Look forward to being a part of this community. :)
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Hello world!

This is a little community I am starting for knitters/other crafters in Central Florida.

Part of the reason I've started this is, well, there wasn't a community for Central Florida knitters on lj. [EDIT: There is a community called beachknitters]. And I know there are knitters around. In fact, when my roommate and I picked up knitting, we found out that a lot of people we knew or had classes with knit. But there is no Stitch n' Bitch Orlando (let alone for Melbourne, Titusville, Sarasota, or Bithlo). In fact, I had trouble finding any knitting groups in Orlando at all.

And don't get me started on trying to find a LYS. Through some quirk of fate I found one, about an hour away from where I now live, but almost on the way to my family's house.

So I thought this might be a good place to discuss knitting circles, LYS, warm weather knitting, crafts in general, chocolate, whatever. And maybe eventually start up a semi-regular knitting circle.